English Sitemap
 ■ List of Professors and Research Fields

International Program on Earthquake Engineering

(1) Dept. of Built Environment

Professors :  
  OHMACHI , Tatsuo, D. Eng. Tsunami simulation
  MIDORIKAWA, Saburoh, D. Eng. Seismic microzoning
  SEO, Kazuoh, D.Eng. Evaluation of urban seismic risks
  OHNO, Ryuzo, D. Eng. Universal design for disaster mitigation
  KASAI Kazuhiko, Ph.D. Intelligent passive and active control
Associate Professors :  
  MORIKAWA Hitoshi, D. Eng. Seismic prospecting
  MOTOYUI, Shojiro, D. Eng. Space structure
  SAKATA , Hiroyasu, D. Eng. Wooden structure

(2) Dept. of Environmental Science and Technology

Professors :  
  WADA, Akira, D. Eng.  Damage control design
  HAYASHI, Shizuo, D. Eng. Seismic retrofit technology
Associate Professors :  
  SHINOHARA, Yasuji, D. Eng. Concrete material
  YAMANAKA, Hiroaki, D. Eng. Ground motion simulation
  YAMADA, Satoshi, D. Eng. Smart material/ structure

(3) Dept. of Architecture and Building Engineering

Professors :  
  AOKI, Yoshitsugu, D. Eng. Planning for mitigating fire spread
  TOKIMATSU, Kohji, D. Eng. Geotechnical earthquake engineering
Associate Professors :  
  TAKEUCHI, Toru, D. Eng. Structural design
  HOTTA, Hisato, D. Eng. Concrete structure
  IKARASHI, Kikuo, D. Eng. Steel structure

(4) Dept. of Civil Engineering

Professors :  
  MIKI, Chitoshi, D. Eng. Seismic evaluation of existing facilities in urban areas
  KAWASHIMA, Kazuhiko, D. Eng. Bridge engineering
  KUSAKABE, Osamu, D. Eng. Foundation engineering
  NIWA, Junichiro, D. Eng. Concrete infrastructure
Associate Professors :  
  FUJII, Satoshi, D. Eng. Risk recognition
  WIJEYEWICKREMA, C. Anil, Ph D. Solid mechanics
  TAKEMURA, Jiro, D. Eng. Soil mechanics
  ICHIMURA, Tsuyoshi, D. Eng. Seismic hazard and risk analysis

(5) Dept. of International Development Engineering

Professors :  
  OHTA, Hideki, D. Eng. Geotechnical engineering

(6) Dept. of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics

Professors :  
  TAKIGUCHI, Katsuki, D. Eng. Concrete structure
  HIROSE, Sohichi, D. Eng. Structural mechanics
Associate Professors :  
  OSARAGI, Toshihiro, D. Eng. Evacuation planning