English Sitemap
 ■ Engineering Seismology and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Tatsuo Ohmachi, Professor

Program Leader
Near-field Strong Motion, Tsunami Dynamics, 
Seismic Design of Dams, Earthquake Education

Kohji Tokimatsu,Professor

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Saburoh Midorikawa, Professor

Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment,
Realtime Earthquake Information System

Kazuoh Seo, Professor

Engineering Seismology,
Social Seismology,
Natural Disaster Science,
Microzoning for Natural Disaster

Osamu Kusakabe, Professor

Geotechnical Centrifuge Modelling,
Behavior of Crushable Soils,
Pile Founcations

Hiroaki Yamanaka,Associate Professor

Strong Motion Seismology,
Simulation of Wave Propagation,
Engineering and Environmental Geophysics

Hitoshi Morikawa, Associate Professor

Stochastic Analysis of Earthquake Ground Motions,
Geophysical Exploration,
Time-Frequency Analysis

Jiro Takemura, Associate Professor

Geotechnical Engineering,
Geoenvironmental Engineering

 ■ Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Dynamics

Kazuhiko Kawashima, Professor

Earthquake Engineering and
Structural Dynamics

Chitoshi Miki, Professor

Steel Structures, Bridge Engineering,
Fatigue and Fracture Control Design,
Seismic Retrofitting, Structural Monitoring

Shizuo Hayashi, Professor

Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structure,
Seismic Design

Kazuhiko Kasai, Professor

Response Control,
Structural Dynamics,
Steel Structures and Materials,
Seismic Design

Junichiro Niwa, Professor

Structural Concrete,
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Structures,
Fracture Mechanics,
Size Effect

Satoshi Yamada, Associate Professor

Steel Structure,
Shaking Table Test,
Response Analysis,
Energy Based Design

Shojiro Motoyui, Associate Professor

Buckling of Shell and Spatial Structure,
Seismic design of Arch Structure,
Seismic Design of Non-structural Member

Toru Takeuchi, Associate Professor

Practical Structural Design,
Steel Structure,
Spatial Structure,
Damage Controlled Design

Yasuji Shinohara, Associate Professor

Concrete Structures and Materials,
Mechanics of Building Materials,
Fracture Mechanics

Kikuo Ikarashi, Associate Professor

Steel Structures,
Instabilities in Metal Structures

Katsuki Takiguchi, Professor

Mechanics of Building Structure,
Disaster Prevention System,
Concrete Engineering

Akira Wada, Professor

Seismic Design of Buildings,
Computational Analysis

Hisato Hotta, Associate Professor

Seismic Analysis and Design,
Reinforced Concrete Structures

Hiroyasu Sakata, Associate Professor

Seismic Design,
RC Structures,
PC Structures,
Timber Structures

Sohichi Hirose, Professor

Numerical Simulation of Elastic Waves,
Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures

Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Associate Professor

Earthquake Engineering,
Computational Engineering,
Applied Mechanics

Anil C. W., Associate Professor

Solid Mechanics,
Structural Mechanics,
Earthquake Engineering




 ■ Urban Planning and Social Science

Ryuzo Ohno, Professor

Environmental Psychology,
Architectural and Urban Design/Planning

Takayuki Ueda,
Professor of the University of Tokyo

Infrastructure Economics,
Cost Benefit Analysis,
Spatial Economic Modeling

Yoshitsugu Aoki, Professor

Urban Fire-Spread,
Stochastic Model of Fire,
Building Fire Safety

Toshihiro Osaragi,Associate Professor

Spatial Analysis and
Disaster Prevention Planning,
Human Behavior Modeling and
Evacuation Planning

Toshiki Matsuda, Associate Professor

Instructional Technology,
Curriculum Development,
Education for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation

Satoshi Fujii, Professor

Transportation Planning,
Public Psychology,
Decision Making

Hideki Kaji

Hideki Kaji, Professor

Development of the Educational and Training Tool on the Basis of Gaming Skill for Promoting People's Capability in Responding to Disasters