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 ■ Tentiative Program, 4th International Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering

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March 5th
8:50- 9:20
Opening Address & Keynote Lectures (Main Hall)
Dynamic Response Analysis of Structures 1
Engineering Seismology 1
Bridge Structures 1
Dynamic Response Analysis of Structures 2
Engineering Seismology 2
Bridge Structures 2
Keynote Lecture (Main Hall)
Coffee Break
Passive Control & Base Isolation
Seismic Hazard Mitigation & Human Behavior
Welcome Party (Centennial Hall)
March 6th
9:10- 9:40
Keynote Lectures (Mail Hall)
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 1
Steel Structures 1
Concrete Structures 1
Poster Session (Madia Hall)
Coffee Break
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 2
Steel Structures 2
Concrete Structures 2
Special Lectures & Closing Remarks (Main Hall)

March 5th

Plenary Sessions 1 & 2 :

G. L. Fenves, Computational Simulation for Earthquake Engineering (UC, Berkeley)

A. Ansal, Ground Motion Paramters for Vulnerability Assesment ( Bogazici University )

Y. Murosaki, Reconstruction after Catastrophe in Japan ; A Case Study of the 1995 Hanshin - Awaji Great Earthquake (National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster)

Advanced Technology for Dynamic Response Analysis of Structures:

K. Kawano, High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Building Using Hydraulic Damper and High-Ductility Concrete and Its Vibration Analysis (Kajima Corporation)

K. Li, Equilibration of Element with Multi-Deformaion Components for Nonlinear Structural Analysis (CANNY Structural Analysis)

M. ISHII, Dynamic Analysis of High-Rize Building with Passive Dampers Using "Building 3D DYNA" (Nikken Sekkei Ltd)

S. AKIYAMA, Damage Behavior Simulation of RC Structure Subjected to Seismic Loads ( ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corp.)

Y.Ikegami, Finite Element Simulation of Long-Period Ground Motions: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Japanese subduction-zone earthquakes (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corp.)

K. KANEKO, Elastoplastic Beam Element with Consideration of Local Buckling Behavior (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

J. H. MOON, MIDAS (Modelling, Integrated Design & Analysis Software) and Some Applications (MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

M. Willford, Performance Based Seismic Simulation of Structures and Foundations Using LS-DYNA (ARUP)

Engineering Seismology:

K. Koketsu and H. Miyake, Strong ground motion evaluation in the Tokyo metropolitan area: The 1923 Kanto earthquake and future subduction-zone earthquakes (Univ. Tokyo)

K. Hatayama, Long-Period Strong Motions and Damage to Oil Storage Tanks due to the 2003 Tokachi-oki Earthquake (National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster)

Y. Uchiyama, Developing Constraints on Extreme Ground Motions Based on Foam Rubber Model (Taisei corporation)

K.L. Wen, C.M. Lin and C.T. Chen, Site Response in Taipei Urban Area From Dense Microtremor Survey ( National Central University )

M. Purvance, Overturning of Freestanding Objects: Applications to Precariously Balanced Rocks and Loss Estimation of Residential Contents ( University of Nevada , Reno )

R. Honda and R. Yamashita, Input Motion Synthesis Considering the Information of the Response of Nonlinear Systems (Univ. Tokyo )

M. Ohori and Y. Hisada, Simulation of the MJ5.4 Earthquake with Use of the Empirical Green's Tensor Spatial Derivatives (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Motoki, H. Yamanaka and K. Seo, A Study on Accuracy of Source Parameters Estimated by Waveform Inversion (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Yamada, T. Ichimura, N. Ohbo, Y Yamaki H. Itami and M. Hori, Three Dimensional Numerical Simulations for Seismic Response of Large-Scale Underground Infrastructure (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Bridge Structures:

H. Ge, Strain-Based Verification Method for Seismic Design of Steel Bridge Structures, ( Nagoya University )

Y. Kajita, Simulation Analysis on Collision Test Between Two Steel Bars ( Kyushu University )

A. Toyooka, Development of the New Restraining Devices for a Railway Bridge with Isolation Bearings ( Kyoto University )

A. Tanabe, X. Long and C. Miki, Fatigue Performance of Defect Containing Under-matched Welded Joints (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

G. Watanabe, K. Kawashima, The Effect of Impulsisve Ground Motion on the Residual Displacement (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Kinoshita and C. Miki, Seismic peformance evaluation of existing steel bridge frame piers with circular column (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

C. Sivaleepunth, T. Miki and J. Niwa, Parametric Study for Shear Carrying Capacity of Externally Prestressed Concrete Members (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Passive Control and Base Isolation:

S.D. Xue, Control Devices Incorporated with Shape Memory Alloy ( Beijing University of Technology)

T. Takeuchi, Recent Development inPassive Control Technologies For Spatial Structures (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Morita, Study of Lead Damper for Seismic Isolation System ( Fukuoka University )

M. Kobayashi, Modal Coupling Effects of Mid-Story Isolated Buildings ( Meiji University )

D. Sato, Time-History Analysis Model for Viscoelastic Damper under Long Duration Load (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Fujii, Seismic Performance Evaluation of Existing R/C Buildings with Hysteresis Dampers Based on Energy Balanced Response ( Tokyo University of Science)

H. Ito, Cumulative Damage of Damper in Elasto-Plastically Damped Buildings (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

L. Fahnestock, Development of buckling-restrained braces in the United States ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)



H. Yeh, Tsunami Load Determination for On-Shore Structures ( Oregon State University )

K. Satake, Studies of Present, Past and Future Tsunami Sources (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

S. Koshimura, Vulnerability estimation in Banda Aceh using the tsunami numerical model and the post-tsunami survey data ( Tohoku University )

H. Matsumoto, Preliminary results of the offshore tsunami observation by the Kuril Islands earthquake of 15 November 2006 ( Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

A. Ruangrassamee, Numerical simulation on the effect of tsunamis on eastern coasts of Thailand ( Chulalongkorn University )

S. Inoue, Development of numerical tsunami simulation tequnique in near fault area (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

R. Akoh S. Li and F. Xiao, Development of Tsunami Simulator with CIP/Multi-Moment Finite Volume Method (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Arikawa, Large Model Tests and Numerical simulation of surge front Tsunami Force (Port and Airport Research Institute)

S. Kataoka, A scenario of earthquake-tsunami disaster and a policy of

measures for road networks (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management)


Seismic Hazard Mitigation Planning and Human Behavior:

R. T. Eguchi, Advanced Damage Detection for Hurricane Katrina-Integrating Remote Sensing and VIEWS^TM Field Reconnaissance (ImageCat, Inc.)

H. Miura, M. matsuoka and F. Yamazaki, Building Damage Assessment After the 2006 Central Java Earthquake Using High-Resolution Satellite Images (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

M. Matsuoka, F. Yamazaki, K. Hiroe and H. Ohkura, Damage Detection Technique Using Satellite SAR Imagery and its Application to Recent Earthquakes (EDM)

T. Mizuta and K. Asano, Study on Disaster Information Linkage between Fire Headquarters and Local Government -A Case Study for Landslide Disaster- ( Akita National College of Technology)

H. Murakami, What We Learn from Damages and Human Behavior in Condominium Buildings in the 2005 Off West Fukuoka Prefecture Earthquake ( Yamaguchi Univ. )

S. Fujii, Seismic Risk Perception and Communication (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Y. Meshitsuka, Effectiveness of Floor Area Ratio System by Structures for the Reduction of Fire-Spreading Risk (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Sato, Discrete Choice Analysis for Predicting Emergency Housing Market after Severe Earthquake (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


March 6th

Plenary Sessions 3:

T. O'Rourke, Engineering for Complex Geotechnical and Lifeline Systems ( Cornell University )

J. B. Mander, Performance Based Earthquake Engineering with a Particular Emphasis on Financial Risk Assessment ( University of Canterbury )


Concrete Structures:

H. W. Song, Seismic Analysis of Underground Reinforced Concrete Structures and a New Challenge for Numerical Solution ( Yonsei University )

T. Maki, RC Pile Foundation-Soil Interaction Analysis using 3-D Finite Element Method ( Saitama University )

R. P. Dhakal, Damage Avoidance Design as Applied to Precast Concrete Structures ( University of Canterbury )

S. Y. Seo, Hysteretic Behavior of RC Knee Joint with Various Anchorage Details ( Chungju National University )

Y. Sanada, Lateral Force-Resisting Mechanism of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Estimated from Its Local Shear Force ( Toyohashi University of Technology)

Y. Sun, Ultimate Strength Equations for R/C Members Retrofitted by Circular Steel Tubes ( Kobe University )

Y. C. Wang, Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Curtailed Composite Plates ( National Central University )

M. Iwanami, E. Kato and H. Yokota, Structural Performance of RC Columns Subjected to Rebar Corrosion (Port and Airport Research Institute)

K. Nishimura, K. Takiguchi, H. Hotta, Y. Masui, Y. Tsuneki, Y. Koitabashi and N. Nakanishi, Development of High Strength RC Flat Beam System and SRC Flat Beam System (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

H. Murata, T. Miki and J. Niwa, Mechanical Properties of Composite PC Bridges Using UFC Truss (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering:

K. Fukutake, Simulation of Cutting and Filling Ground Behavior in Niigata-ken Chuetsu Earthquake 2004 (Shimizu Institute of Technology)

H. Hazarika, SAFETY -An Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Measure Considering Cost-Performance and Environmental Impact (Port and Airport Research Institute)

M. Okamura, Evaluation of Seismic Stability of Foundations on Slope ( Ehime University )

A. Farahani, A. C. Wijeyewickrema and T. Ohmachi, Effects of Near Fault Strong Ground Motion on a Circular Tunnel (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Tobita, Verification of Generalized Scaling Relations for Dynamic Centrifuge Experiment ( Kyoto University )

A. Ansal, Stress Reduction Factors in Simplified Liquefaction Susceptibility Analysis ( Bogazici University )

S. S. Park and P.M. Byrne, A Two Mobilized-Plane Model for Soil Liquefaction Analysis ( Kyungpook National University )"

R. Uzuoka, A Unified Prediction for Liquefaction and Settlement of Saturated Sandy Ground ( Tohoku University )

S. A. Ashford, Full-Scale Testing of Piles in Liquefied Ground ( University of California , San Diego )

M. Cubrinovski, Analysis of Piles in Liquefying Soils ( University of Canterbury )

A. Takahashi, H. Sugita and S. Tanimoto, Effects of Cyclic Loading on Mobilisation of Earth Pressure Acting on Pile Caps (Public Work Research Institute)

S. J. Brandenburg, Liquefaction and Laterally Spreading against Bridge Foundations ( University of California , Los Angeles )

K. Tabata, E-Defense Shaking Table Test of Model Ground with Quay Wall on Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention)


Steel Structures:

A. M. Kanvinde, Simulating Earthquake Induced Fracture in Steel Structures: Models and Methods (UC, Davis)

C. Higgins, Performance of Prefabricated Steel Stair Assemblies Under Seismic and Gravity Loads ( Oregon State University )

S. H. Oh, Earthquake Resistance Performance of Flexible-Stiff Mixed Structure for Effective Use of High-Strength Steel (RIST Korea )

M. Osaki, Multiobjective Heuristic Approaches to Performance-Based Seismic Design ( Kyoto Univ. )

R. Okada, Collapse Test of Steel Structural Model under High Gravity Force Field (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


H. L. Hsu, Evaluating seismic performance of steel reinforced concrete members ( National Central University )

H. Tagawa, Simulation of Progressive Collapse of High-rise Framed-Tube Structure (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Y. Koetaka, Experimental Verification of Design Criteria of Knee Brace Damper ( Kyoto University )


Poster Session:

T. Saitoh K. Kimoto and S. Hirose, Development of a New Time-Domain Boundary Element Method in 3-D Elastodynamics for Seismic Analysis ( Fukui University )

T. Alan and S. Hirose , Wave Propagation in 2D Anisotropic Layered Media Using Boundary Element Method (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

C. T. Chen and K. L. Wen, Using Stochastic Finite-Fault Modeling to Study the Site Effect in the Taipei Basin (National Central University)

M. W. Huang, K. L. Wen and J. H. Wang, Evaluation of Site Amplifications at High Frequencies in the Taipei Basin (National Science and Technology center for Disaster Reduction)

C.H. Zhai, S. Li, N. Li and L. L. Xie, Parametric Study on Inelastic Displacement Ratios for Near-Fault Pulse-Type Ground Motion (Harbin Institute of Technology)"

K. Shirai and T. Ohmachi, Parametric Study on Control of Waveforms Using All Pass Function (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

A. Ruangrassamee, The Effect of Near-Field Ground Motions on Bi-Directional Response of Structures ( Chulalongkorn University )

"H. Morikawa, M. Komazawa, H.T. Chen, T. Shosaka, and C. Takahasi, A Model of Base Rock Structure for Hsinchu Basin , Taiwan Using Gravity Survey (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Seo, Some Examples Showing Very Vulnerable Condition in Earthquake Countries (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

S. Nagata and I.G. Buckle, Seismic Performance of Horizontally Curved Bridge, (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Matsuda, Shaking Table Tests of Two-Story Wood Frames with Passive Control System (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

C. Y. Wang, C. C. Chuang, S. H. Chen and S. K. Chen, Motion and Control Analysis of Structure under Earthquake Excitation ( National Central University )

T. Y. Lee, K. Kawashima and P. C. Chen, Seismic Testing of a nonlinear structure with a MR damper ( National Central University )

H. T. Chen and R. Y. Chen, Analyses of School Building Strengthened by TADAS ( National Central University )

R. Durgesh C, B. Dhritiman, Aluminium Shear Panels as Passive Energy Dissipation Devices for Steel Braced Frames (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur )

H. Sakata, T. Takeuchi, K Matsuda and A. Tomimoto, Experiment of Composite Member Composed of Cedar-Glulam-Timber and Steel Plate Applied Friction Connector (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Osaragi and I. Otani, Space-Time Distribution of Railroad Passengers for Disaster Prevention Planning (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Y. Yokoyama, Y. Yoshida, T. Yokoi, Examination about Relations Between Stiffness of Floor and Initial Inclination of Furniture at Earthquake Fundamental Study on Establishment of Evaluation Method for Seismic Resistance of Floor Finishing System Part 3 (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Hashimoto, An Attempt to Improve the Evacuation Drill Quality with The Multiagent Simulation (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

J. Ryu and R. Ohno, Development of Effective Education Tool for Virtual Experience of Environmental Hazard: Earthquake Simulator and Portable VR System (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

R. M. Syam and R. Ohno, Field Survey of the Damage Caused by the Central Java Earthquake of May 27, 2006 (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

M. Madurapperuma and A. C. Wijeyewickrema, Dynamic Impact of Massive Tsunami Waterborne Objects on Structures (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Ohmachi, A Series of Micro-Tremor Measurements at a Fill Dam Damaged by The 2004 Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

H. Hotta, Shear Strength of R/C Members Based on Plastic Theory which Takes Account of Influence of Axial Force and Amount of Longitudinal Reinforcement (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

H. N. Huy, K. Nishimura and K. Takiguchi, Bi-axial Non-linear Macroscopic Response Analysis of Slipping Type R/C Structure to Strong Earthquake Motion (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Miki and J. Niwa, Evaluation on Shear Mechanism of Corroded RC Beams by Lattice Model Analysis Considering Bond Deterioration (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Shakya, A. C. Wijeyewickrema, Seismic Pounding of Adjacent Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Non-Equal Story Heights Considering Soil Flexibility Effects (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

J. Izawa, O. Kusakabe, H. Nagatani, T. yamada and N. Ohbo, Seismic Stability of Rectangular Tunnels with Countermeasures (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

H. Suzuki, K. Tokimatsu, M. Sato and K. Tabata, Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction During Multi-Dimensional Shaking Through Physical Model Tests Using E-Defense Facility (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Sekiguchi and K. Tokimatsu, Effects of Nonlinear Dynamic Properties of Surface Soils on Seismic Ground Motion and Building Damage in Ojiya During 2004 Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

J. Takemura, Y. Miyamoto and J. Izawa, Pullout resistance of anchor bolt in cemented sand subjected to shear strain (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

S. Ogata, A Beam Element for Approximate Analysis of Truss Girder Lateral Postbuckling Behavior (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

T. Wang and K. Ikarashi, A Method for Evaluation of Elastic Buckling Strength of H Shaped Steel Member Under Shear Bending (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Special Lectures:

T. O'Rourke, Technical Flaws Behind the Katrina Disaster ( Cornell University )

S. A. Ashford, The Future of Education in the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center ( University of California , San Diego )