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First International Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering
Center for Urban Earthquake Engineering (CUEE)
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, March 8-9 2004


DATE : March 8-9, 2004
PLACE : Suzukake Hall, Suzukake-dai Campus
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
4259 Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama
Fee : Free (Party 2,500 yen)
Application: Please send a e-mail below address,
           Email : reg@cuee.titech.ac.jp
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CUEE O-okayama Office
CUEE Suzukakedai Office
      Email : reg@cuee.titech.ac.jp


March 8 (Mon.)

9:00 - 9:20 Registration
9:20 - 9:40 Welcome, Introduction of CUEE
Ohmachi T [Program Leader] , Tokimatsu, K.[ Program Sub-Leader]
Report on Dec. 26, 2003 Southeastern Iran Earthquake
9:40 - 10:15 Rofooei, F. [Sharif University of Technology, Iran]
Earthquake Engineering Research Activities in U.S.
10:15 - 10:50 Moehli, J. PEER, [University of California, Berkeley, USA]
10:50 - 11:25 Bruneu, M. MCEER, [State Univ. of New York, Buffalo, USA]
11:25 - 12:00 Borcherdt, R. [United States Geological Survey (USGS), USA]
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Break

T.I.T. President’s Welcome Remarks
13:00 - 13:10 Aizawa, [M. TIT President]
Seismic Resistant Steel Structures(5)
13:10 - 13:27 Miki, C. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
(session introduction included)
13:27 Sasaki, E. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Yamada, S. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Kimura, Y. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Motoyui, S. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
14:03 - 14: 24 Discussion
Seismic Resistant RC Structures(I)(5)
14:24 - 14:41 Kawashima, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
(session introduction included)
14:41- Watanebe, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Fujii, K. [The University of Tokyo]
Hotta, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Sakata, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
15:17-15: 38 Discussion
15:38-16:40 Coffee Break & Poster Session (23)
Tokyo Institute of Technology: Lee, T.Y., Nagata, S.,
Nishimura, K., Lertsamattiyakul, M., Miki, T., Murata, H.,
Matsuo, T. (RC Structures);
Rattanasuwannachart, N., Kishiki, S. (Steel Structures);
Tran, B.T., Ito, H., Sato, D. (Passive Control);
Suzuki, H., Leungvichcharoen, S. (Soil & Foundation Dynamics);
Meshitsuka, Y. (Evacuation); Ohtake, K. (Lifeline); Inoue, S. (Tsunami);
Shirai, K., Miura, H., Kamal, M., Eto, K., Saguchi, K. (Ground Motion)
National Center for Seismic Risk Reduction, Romania: Aldea, A.(Ground Motion)
Structural Control and Base Isolation(6)
16:40-16:57 Kasai, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
(session introduction included)
16:57 Takeuchi, T. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Ooki, Y [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Satsukawa, K. [Tokyo University of Science]
Ruangrassamee, A. [Chulalongkorn University, Thailand]
Lukkunaprasit, P. [Chulalongkorn University, Thailand]
17:48-18:13 Discussion
18:30-20:15 Welcome Party

March 9 (Tues.)

Major U.S. Research Project NEES
9:10 -9:45 Mahin, S. [University of California, Berkley, USA]
Earthquake Engineering Research Activities in China and Taiwan
9:45 -10:20 Lu, X. [State Key Lab, Tongji University, P.R.China]
10:20 -10:55 Tsai, K.C. [NCREE, Taiwan National University, Taiwan]
Seismic Resistant RC Structures(II)(5)
10:55- Takiguchi, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Niwa, J. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Katori, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Watanabe, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Chang, K.C. [NCREE, Taiwan National University, Taiwan]

11:43 -12:03 Discussion
12:03 - 13:00 Lunch Break
(Visit to a Based-Isolated Tall Bldg. in Campus,
Presentation on Bldg.’s Response Monitoring System)
Ground Motions and Their Effects(I) (4)
13:00 - 13:17 Midorikawa, S. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
(session introduction included)
13:17- Seo, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Yamanaka, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Morikawa, H. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
13:44 - 14:01 Discussion
Ground Motions and Their Effects(II)(3)
14:01 - 14:13 Cruz, E.F. P. [Universidad Catlica de Chile]
14:13 - Takahashi, I [Shimizu Corporation]
Ohmachi, T. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
14:31 - 14:43 Discussion
14:43 - 15:05 Coffee Break
Current Status of Seismic Soil and Foundation Engineering
15:05 -15:40 Finn, L. [Kagawa Univ. / Univ. of British Colombia,
Canada Seismic Soil and Foundation Engineering]
15:40 - 15:57 Tokimatsu, K. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
(session introduction included)
15:57 - Bhattacharya, S. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Kuwano, J. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Takemura, J. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
16:27 - 16:44 Discussion
Seismic Damage and Socio-Economical Impact
16:44 -17:19 Scawthorn, [C. Kyoto University]
Issues on Performance-Based Design for Future Earthquakes
17:19 -17:36 Wada, A. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
(session introduction included)
17:36 Ueda, T. [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
Seki, M. [Obayashi Corporation/ Tokyo Institute of Technology]
17:57 - 18:10 Discussion
18:10 Closing Remarks
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