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 ■ Lecture by Dr. Joseph Penzien on Dynamics of Structures

Kazuhiko Kawashima, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Based on the invitation of COE program, Dr. Joseph Penzien stays in the Tokyo Institute of Technology from April 8 to May 28, 2004. Dr. Penzien is a Professor Emeritus of Structural Engineering of the University of California, Berkeley, where he served 35 years in the department of Civil Engineering specializing in the areas of dynamics of structures and earthquake engineering. He was the founding Director of the University’s Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (now Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center) having responsibility for its research and laboratory development programs, including design of the earthquake simulator (shaking table) facility at the UCB Richmond Field Station. He received a number of honors and awards, such as Nathan M. Newmark Medal, Alfred M. Freudenthal Medal and Earnest E. Howard Award from American Society of Civil Engineers, Housner Medal from Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. He is a honorary member of American Society of Civil Engineers, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, and International Association for Earthquake Engineering.

Dr. Penzien provides a 10 one and a half hour lecture on structural dynamics and random vibration theory. He uses his famous book entitled “Dynamics of Structures,” which is coauthored by Ray W. Clough. Nearly fourty students including several specialists outside of Tokyo Institute of Technology attend this lecture.